We'd like to give a special thanks to French Quarter Phantom Tours for their very generous donation!

The support of local businesses is vital to any community-building effort, and we very much appreciate your support.

We've raised over $2,000 for public chess tables in New Orleans. 

We thank every donor for their generosity and support, and look forward to seeing everyone at the tables!

The indiegogo campaign is live for 11 more days, so please, keep donating! Let's make public chess in New Orleans a reality.

More at indiegogo.com/chess

We'd like to give a HUGE thanks to all those who have donated already. 

Your support is so important, so appreciated. 

If you'd like to continue supporting chess in New Orleans, please pass this along to your friends. Let them know you think this is a great idea, and ask them to help.

We expect each table to cost about $500 to design, build, and install, which means we've raised TWO TABLES in just over two weeks! Great progress so far.

More at indiegogo.com/chess

In the first 3 days you have donated nearly $200.00 to support our efforts to bring beautiful chess tables to our community! 

We will need your continued support to reach our goal, but what a GREAT START! Thank you NOLA!

See more at: indiegogo.com/chess/

Check out our efforts to bring chess and art to New Orleans and see how you can help us make our beautiful city even MORE unique!

Chess Communité is raising funds to support our table building efforts. We need money to buy materials, pay artists, and install the tables in parks and other public spaces (neutral grounds, sidewalks, maybe?).

If you love chess and/or New Orleans, and want to see our public spaces made more beautiful and more useful, please go to indiegogo.com/chess and donate today!

We applied for a grant from the St. Claude Main Street Program, and have made it to the next round! 

We should find out anytime now about that. Fingers crossed.

Check us out at: 

Chess Communité's goal is to hire local artists to design & build 10-15 chess tables in public spaces around New Orleans.

Chess Communité is a group of chess enthusiasts with varying levels of skill and obsession. 

We all love the game, and we're all willing to donate our time to help this project succeed!

We'll work toward building chess tables in public parks around New Orleans, with the ultimate aim of promoting chess as a free recreational option, especially for children.