There's only one way to build our chess community - we have to BUILD it together!

Look at this beautiful first sample mockup...just think about how beautiful the full sized tables will look?  We're just getting started!  Check out the picture slide show we've provided below, so you can see the steps it took to get us to this picture.  

Check out our efforts to bring chess and art to New Orleans and see how you can help us make our beautiful city even MORE unique!

Chess Communité is raising funds to support our table building efforts. We need money to buy materials, pay artists, and install the tables in parks and other public spaces (neutral grounds, sidewalks, maybe?).

If you love chess and/or New Orleans, and want to see our public spaces made more beautiful and more useful, please go to and donate today!

Check us out at:

Chess Communité's goal is to hire local artists to design & build 10-15 chess tables in public spaces around New Orleans.

Chess Communité is a group of chess enthusiasts with varying levels of skill and obsession. 

We all love the game, and we're all willing to donate our time to help this project succeed!

We'll work toward building chess tables in public parks around New Orleans, with the ultimate aim of promoting chess as a free recreational option, especially for children.